Website shows which Obamacare plans cover abortions

Two anti-abortion groups have set up a website showing which health insurance plans sold on the Obamacare exchanges cover abortion.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research wing of the Susan B. Anthony List, has been emailing the website link to supporters, urging them to wait to select a plan until they can view whether it includes elective abortion among the covered healthcare services.

The website, found at, featured a map of the U.S. where visitors can click on each state to view which plans cover abortions. It's currently incomplete, as the final Obamacare plans for most states weren't made publicly available until the marketplaces opened Sunday.

Half the states have banned all plans sold on their Obamacare marketplaces from covering abortion at all, after a major battle during passage of the Affordable Care Act resulted in plans being allowed to offer such services, but only if they didn't use any government funds to pay for it. Conservatives were unhappy with the agreement, saying that allowing abortion coverage in Obamacare plans constitutes government funding for abortion.