Watch out for crazy owls, warn signs in Oregon city

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Oregon's capital is proving it gives a hoot about the recent owl attacks plaguing its parks.

The barrel owls in Salem's Bush's Pasture Park are known for attacking joggers so often that unusual warning signs are being placed throughout the 9-acre park. Just last month, reported a jogger was hit so hard in the head by a dive-bombing owl, he thought he was having a stroke. Another jogger said one of the owls managed to nick his scalp. According to the Statesman Journal, in an attempt to prevent any more attacks, park crews have erected bright, orange warning signs featuring the silhouette of an owl bearing down on a pedestrian.

“It's just making people aware that there's an owl there that for whatever reason swoops down and goes after people's hats," Mark Becktel, parks and transportation services manager told The Associated Press.

The signs were inspired by a Feb. 5 show on MSNBC which someone in Salem apparently saw. The show's host unveiled the design for the signs and even sent mock-ups to the city, which then made about 20  and just started putting them up last week.

Salem Parks Operation Division representatives expressed their gratitude for the media coverage, seeing it as an opportunity to protect both man and owl.

"We do what we can to help nature in the parks," John Kleeman, a parks operation supervisor told the Statesman Journal. "We love to celebrate nature when it intersects with the urban community."

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