Watch John Oliver slam the U.S. criminal justice system

John Oliver took the United States' criminal justice system to task Sunday by focusing on what happens to former prisoners who leave the system and attempt to reintegrate into society.

"The fact that around half of people who leave prison end up going back is horrifying, but when you look at the challenges they face, it gets a little less surprising," the "Last Week Tonight" host said. "In fact, let me walk you through what it's like when you get out of prison — and let's just start with minute one, because when inmates exit that gate to start a new life, they could find themselves in the middle of nowhere, with little to nothing in their pockets."

Oliver then brought on a former prisoner, Bilal Chatman, to discuss the challenges he and other ex-inmates face when they leave prison and attempt to reintegrate into society.

"People are judgmental — people that don't know," Chatman said of how society looks negatively at those who have served prison time. "I don't want anybody to look at me as the ex-con. I want them to look at the person I am now. I'm a supervisor. I'm a good employee, I'm an employer."