Virginia Lawmaker Challenges Feds to Sue His State Over Immigration Enforcement

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A Virginia lawmaker looking to enact an immigration law similar to Arizona's is challenging the Obama administration to come at his state with a lawsuit, too, saying he hopes the Justice Department has "so many targets" they can't focus.

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart told The Washington Post that the Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona will probably fall flat. He claimed Arizona is on "firm footing" and encouraged other jurisdictions to follow Arizona's lead.

"I hope the Justice Department sues Virginia, as well," he told the Post. "I hope they have so many targets that they are unable to focus on Arizona."

The Justice Department filed suit against Arizona over its immigration law on Tuesday. The administration -- claiming the federal government trumps the states when it comes to immigration enforcement -- is trying to halt the law before it goes into effect at the end of July.

But several other cities and states also are looking to enact tough immigration policies. Prince William is well-known for its immigration policy requiring officers to check the immigration status of suspects in custody, but Stewart is pushing for a statewide law.

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