Congress continues to grow antsy over President Obama's supposed refusal to define the ongoing military action in Libya. What was first described as a humanitarian effort to help those oppressed by strongman Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi, now is being described as a full on, civil war -- with the United States and other NATO allies caught in the middle.

At the heart of Capitol Hill's discontent is the administration's failure to live within the War Powers Resolution of 1973. The Constitution says the president can deploy forces, but Congress has to declare war. This bill sought to define how far the president can go in using armed forces without consent of the Senate and House. This bill has been a point of contention since it passed over Richard Nixon's veto in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

In short, the resolution says the president has 30 days in which to act unilaterally in deploying forces, 60 days in which to get approval from Congress, and then 30 more days after that to get troops out of the combat zone if the president fails to ever get approval.

At the forefront of those demanding President Obama seek congressional approval is Freshman Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. On Wednesday's edition of "Power Play Live w/Chris Stirewalt," Sen. Lee said he holds the president up to additional criteria included in the War Powers Resolution.

Watch Sen. Lee below.

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