Video: Florida Governor Greets Obama

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Governor Charlie Crist (R) greets President Obama upon his arrival at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. The governor said in a statement after Wednesday's State of the Union speech the President needs to take action when providing jobs for the country. During their brief handshake on the tarmac, Governor Crist handed President Obama a letter.

The Governor requests full funding of Florida's rail project. The state is one of 13 corridors in a nationwide high-speed train project the president announced today in Tampa.

He also asks the Obama administration to approve Florida's application for the "Race to the Top" grants that reward states for innovation and reforms in education programs. "We are committed to accountability, increased student performance and rewarding quality teachers within our public school system, " Crist writes. His state ranks 8th in the nation in education.

Finally Florida's governor urges Mr Obama to fully fund NASA programs to and maintain the advancement of human space flight. "I am concerned about reports that the administration is considering elimination of the Constellation Program, lunar landers and moon bases," writes Mr Crist. Citing concerns about how Florida's economy could be effected, he adds "the retirement of the shuttle fleet and the transition period is causing concern among employees and families along Florida's storied Space Coast."

To view the letter click here.