The big find in the first dump of emails from Hillary Clinton's secret email server, aside from a few insulting comments about Cuban Floridians, is the fact that The New York Times was on to a much bigger story in May than it realized.

Sid Blumenthal, the former Clinton hatchet-man from the 1990s, was not just sending Secretary of State Clinton briefings about the situation in Libya, but was briefing her about nearly every corner of the globe. Though barred by President Obama's minders from any official job in the administration, vicious Sid had constant access to Clinton.

Blumenthal's sense of self-importance in these communiques is as absurd as his undue influence over Clinton is scandalous. Under the centered, all-caps header of "CONFIDENTIAL," he offers up one assessment after another of British, Iranian, Italian and Afghan affairs as if he were some kind of mobile CIA station chief.

At one point, he asked (or politely demanded) that the secretary expedite a hiring at State. He passed messages from former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, now the head of an African energy company, seeking access to America's chief diplomat for a business pitch. The emails also hint that he and Clinton had very frequent phone conversations. Who knows what sort of bad advice they contained? Was he the mastermind behind the botched reset with Russia?

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