Valerie Jarrett: Obama would have been impeached in a 'nanosecond' if he behaved like President Trump

Ex-Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett insisted on Thursday that her former boss would have been impeached "in a nanosecond" if he had conducted himself the way President Trump has in office.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Signal Boost, Jarrett was asked if former President Barack Obama would have been impeached -- and how long it would have taken, if so -- had he said and done "half of the things" the current president has.

"About a nanosecond,” Jarrett quickly reacted. "I think that the standards have slipped dramatically, and there’s no earthly way President Obama could have gotten away with any of this.”

The former senior White House adviser elaborated that it's "not just the words and the content” but what she described as "policy reversals and what we’re doing to the fabric of our country" would have been impeachable.

"I don’t think any of that would have been acceptable to the Republicans had it come from President Obama," she said.

“Do you think that impeaching or not impeaching is the right question to be asking right now?” co-host Jess McIntosh asked.


“No, I actually don’t,” Jarrett said. “What I’m motivated by is, what are we going to do to get people engaged in improving our democracy? And I’m so deeply troubled by the fact that 43 percent of eligible Americans did not vote in the last election."

She continued, "Right now, in my opinion, the Republicans are just kind of, they’ve lost their soul and their grounding. I don’t even recognize this Republican party anymore. They’re willing to tolerate just about anything for the sake of getting reelected, means that we have to do something to ensure that they don’t get reelected.”