Trump on super PACs: 'I think they’re the dumbest thing'

Donald Trump has made it clear he's self-funding his presidential campaign. But that hasn't stopped the Republican front-runner from criticizing the super PACs performing much of the political grunt work for his GOP rivals.

During a campaign rally Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla., the billionaire told thousands of supporters that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush can't win the Republican nomination simply because his super PAC, Right to Rise, raised an unprecedented $103 million in the first half of 2015. Trump went even further, suggesting that most of the leading outside support groups backing presidential candidates "are a disaster."

"Nobody knows they are what they mean. I think they're the dumbest thing," he said, referring to super PACs. "These super PACs are a disaster."

Just 24 hours before he arrived in Jacksonville, Trump told supporters in Miami, Fla., that a handful of his opponents including Ben Carson, who replaced Trump as the front-runner in Iowa this week, Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are "controlled" by the big-money donors contributing to their PACs.

Trump's campaign also released a statement Friday acknowledging that he'd formally requested that nine unauthorized PACs claiming to support his presidential bid cease fundraising and return the donations they'd previously received.