EXCLUSIVE: The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and their joint-fundraising committees raked in $76 million during the 2020 Republican National Convention this week, Fox News has learned.

A senior Trump campaign official told Fox News that the campaign, the RNC, and Trump Victory and Trump MAGAC (Make America Great Again Committee) raised $76 million between the kick-off to the convention Monday and President Trump’s formal nomination acceptance Thursday night.


The Trump campaign’s efforts exceeded those of the Biden campaign.

Last week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign announced that it, the Democratic National Committee, and their joint fundraising committees brought in $70 million in fundraising during the 4-day Democratic convention. The Biden campaign held numerous grassroots and high-dollar fundraising events throughout the week.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Convention brought in 147.9 million total views across television and online between Monday and the end of Thursday night's programming, according to a senior campaign official.

The DNC convention, as Fox News previously reported, had 122 million total viewers through television and online.

“With massive fundraising and record viewership, President Trump’s re-nomination convention was a huge, unqualified success,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News Friday.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump is through the roof and is something Joe Biden could only dream of,” he continued. “We come out of the convention at a full sprint and the president is going to seal the deal.”


Meanwhile, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel touted the numbers, telling Fox News that the GOP this week was "able to bypass the mainstream media noise and tell voters real stories from real Americans who have been empowered and lifted up by President Trump's pro-growth, pro-opportunity, pro-American policies -- and it clearly resonated."

"There has never been a starker contrast between what is at stake this November for our country," McDaniel told Fox News. "The Great American Story is just beginning under President Trump, and Americans know the best is yet to come."

The new figures came a day after Trump formally accepted the Republican nomination, in an address that lasted for more than an hour, striking a hopeful tone.

“For America, nothing is impossible,” the president said as he concluded. “Over the next four years, we will prove worthy of this magnificent legacy. We will reach stunning new heights. And we will show the world that, for America, no dream is beyond our reach.”

“Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we are unbeatable. Because together, we are the proud CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” Trump said. “And on November 3rd, we will make America safer, we will make America stronger, we will make America prouder, and we will make America GREATER than ever before!”