Trump calls Roberts 'a disgrace,' shrugs off protests in South Carolina

The Donald Trump show stopped Saturday in Aiken, S.C., where the Republican presidential hopeful called Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts "a disgrace" during a rare question and answer forum.

Trump drew cheers and encouragement from about 4,000 supporters who attended the event.

Asked who he would appoint to the high court, Trump ripped Roberts, who was nominated by former President George W. Bush. Roberts "let us down" by casting a decisive vote that left the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in place, Trump said. Trump said Roberts sold out conservatives in a bid to win popularity from Washington insiders.

The real estate developer and reality TV star said that if elected he would nominate jurists like Associate Justice Clarence Thomas to the court. Thomas is "very strong and consistent," Trump said. He called Thomas his favorite court member.