Trump accuses Raddatz and Cooper of being in Clinton's corner at debate

Donald Trump appeared to accuse presidential debate moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz of colluding with Hillary Clinton in an effort to spare the Democrat nominee from having to answer challenging questions about classified emails stored on her unsecured server.

ABC’s Raddatz asked Clinton if she would call her use of the secret homebrewed server “extremely careless” – the same words FBI Director James Comey used when speaking about his decision to not prosecute Clinton for using server. When Trump tried pressing the issue further, Raddatz and CNN anchor Cooper tried cutting Trump off. Clinton responded that she’d like to get to questions from those seated in the audience at the Missouri town hall.

“And get off this question,” Trump retorted.

Trump then asked Cooper why he didn’t bring up the emails. Cooper replied that “We brought up the emails.”

“No it hasn’t,” Trump said of the email topic. “And it hasn’t been finished at all.”

When Raddatz and Cooper began moving the conversation on to a new topic, Trump leaned into his microphone: “Nice – one on three.”

Cooper had previously admonished the audience numerous times regarding its outbursts of applause, typically when the interruptions came in response to a Trump statement – including once when Trump told Clinton she’d be “in jail” if he were elected president because he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the server issue.

Later Trump criticized Raddatz for not cutting Clinton's answer off when it appeared Clinton talked past her time limit.

"She went over a minute over, and you didn't stop her," Trump said.

The Trump campaign hammered the point home after the debate, releasing a compilation video of the moderators interrupting Trump.