Transcript of Newt and Callista Gingrich's speech at the RNC

The following is a transcript of former Ga. Rep. Newt Gingrich and wife Callista Gingrich's speech at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30, 2012. 

   C. GINGRICH:  Thank you.  Thank you for that warm welcome.
   What a wonderful tribute to President Reagan and the spirit
of the American people.
   N. GINGRICH:  It is fantastic to see so many friends here,
friends from decades of service to the party, service in public
life, and those who have helped us over the past few years.
   And we are delighted that tonight we come together to once
again renew the American spirit and put real leadership back in
the White House this November.
   C. GINGRICH:  The election of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
will decisively move America to a better future.  Remembering
President Reagan reminds us that the choices we make matter.
And this year is as important as the choice we made in 1980.
   N. GINGRICH:  Over three decades have passed since Ronald
Reagan was first elected to the White House.  Yet the impact of
his leadership is still evident today.
   While in office, president Reagan had three major goals:
To restore the economy, to revive the American spirit, and to
defeat totalitarianism, spreading democracy throughout the
   C. GINGRICH:  By remaining true to his conviction, through
his belief in the American people, and with tremendous optimism,
President Reagan achieve these goals.
   It is striking how President Carter and President Obama
both took our nation down a path that in four years weakened
America's confidence in itself, and our hope for a better
   C. GINGRICH:  Both weaken respect for America abroad.  Both
increased government programs filled with waste and inefficiency
that failed to produce results.  Both made promises they
couldn't keep.  As a consequence of ineffective policies, both
were unable to revive our economy and create jobs.
   N. GINGRICH:  For example, both crippled American energy
production when there were better ways to develop and use our
abundant energy resources.  The Romney plan for north American
energy independence is exactly the kind of bold , visionary
leadership Reagan believed in.  And it is what we need now.
   The Reagan presidency also teaches us that there is a
better way to put Americans back to work, create millions of
jobs, and help every American to achieve success.  The Reagan
program of tax cuts, regulatory reform, and spending controls
   N. GINGRICH:  Reagan's belief in small business owners and
entrepreneurs is a remarkable contrast to Obama's massive
deficits and a passion for taxing those who create jobs.  The
Romney plan for a stronger middle-class has deep roots in Ronald
Reagan's approach.
   C. GINGRICH:  Reagan's commitment to reform welfare and
create a work requirement was a major achievement when he was
governor of California.  His pioneering work led to the historic
welfare reform bill Congress and the president past 30 years
   This bipartisan legislation reduce the size of government,
made our country more competitive, and put millions of Americans
back to work.
   N. GINGRICH:  Tragically, President Obama gutted this
achievement and, like Jimmy Carter, over four years produced
little effective legislation that brought the two parties to
gather in the interest of the nation.
   Obama's waiving of the work requirement in welfare reform
is just one example of his direct repudiation of president
Reagan's values. Obama is proud of what he has done, and of his
politically motivated partisanship, but he should be ashamed for
putting politics before people.
   C. GINGRICH:  Governor Romney will return America to work,
and to the principles that are at the core of president Reagan's
legacy. This year, the American people will once again have an
important choice to make .
   N. GINGRICH:  Now, each of us must commit ourselves in the
tradition of Ronald Reagan to come together.  President Reagan
said, ``there is no substitute for victory''.  And this November,
we cannot settle for anything less.
   This is the most critical election of our lifetime.  Each
of us must do our part now to insure that America remains, in
the tradition of President Reagan, a land of freedom, hope, and
   Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.