Top Secret Service agent had gun stolen from car

A top Secret Service agent who has regularly served on President Obama’s protective detail had his gun stolen out of his car at his house after leaving it there overnight and was never disciplined for it, according to two sources with detailed knowledge of the incident.

Internal Secret Service records show that the agency reported that the agent in question lost a semi-automatic handgun in 2009, but he was never punished for it, the two sources said.

At the time of the gun theft, the agent was assigned to the Secret Service’s inspection division, which collaborates with the Office of Professional Responsibility to ensure the agency complies with its policies and federal regulations and maintains high levels of “integrity, compliance and accountability,” according to the agency’s 2013 annual report.

The 2009 gun theft incident is widely known within the Secret Service and has troubled other agents and employees because the agent who lost the gun was never suspended or disciplined over the incident. In fact, he was later promoted to the protective division charged with safeguarding the security of the president, first family and former presidents.

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