'The View' host clashes with Coulter: 'I don't choose the guests'

If conservative author Ann Coulter intended to promote her recently released book in her appearance Friday on ABC's "The View," she may have needed to shout a little louder.

Coulter, on set to discuss her book Adios America!, was asked to defend her position that all immigration into the U.S. should be cut off until current immigrants have assimilated to the culture.

"We're bringing in millions and millions of people from very poor cultures, from very backwards cultures," Coulter said. "No, our social programs are for the American poor."

It spiraled downhill from there after three of the shows co-hosts apparently became offended by Coulter's remarks.

"Let me just point out, though, that you're sitting at this table next to two immigrants and I don't think either of us qualify as poor maids," said host Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist born in Nicaragua.

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