'That's just crazy' voters respond to Obama visa screenings

By odds of nearly 2-to-1, Americans bashed the Obama administration's policy of not screening social media posts when conducting immigration background checks, according to a Fox News poll released Friday night.

Sixty-three percent of voters responded "that's just crazy" when they were told the government doesn't check visa applicants' accounts. Only 32 percent of respondents in the December 16-17 survey said "that makes sense."

Voters were also asked which of the following three approaches for uncovering terrorists in the U.S. would be most effective at stopping fatal domestic attacks: government surveillance of citizens, profiling certain people or encouraging people to carry weapons.

The poll found the highest amount of respondents, 20 percent, think carrying guns is "extremely" effective at preventing or reacting to mass shootings. Another 16 percent called the strategy "very" effective.

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