Terrorists could recruit 41 million from this region

A United Nations delegate warned Wednesday that 41 million young people in the north-central region of Africa are susceptible to joining terrorism groups due to economic hardships.

The U.N. representative to the Sahel region, Hiroute Guebre Sellassie, said adults under 25 years of age in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger "face hopelessness" due to limited educational, employment and training opportunities.

"If nothing is done to improve access to education, increase employment and integration opportunities for the youth, the Sahel, I am afraid, will become a hub of mass migration, and of recruitment and training of terrorist groups and individuals, which, as you know, will ultimately have grave consequences for global peace and security," she told members of the Security Council countries.

Sellassie asked the U.N. to improve its monitoring of weapons, drugs and persons so that countries in the Sahel can track terrorist groups hold on the region.

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