Supporters Gather to Watch and Celebrate When "John" Became Mr. Speaker

Supporters of new House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, gathered to watch the moment the man they know both as John, and Rep. Boehner became Mister Speaker.

Aides say more than 400 people were invited to a reception in the Cannon House building.

The room is filled with those who knew Boehner "back when," many telling Fox News things like "I've known John for 20 years and look at him now--can you believe it?"

Boehner's immediate family joined him in the House Chamber for his official vote to the top spot.

They are expected to join another reception filled full of family, friends and staff, along with other members of the Ohio delegation later this afternoon.

Most were chatty and happy, excited to be a part of the action, and when the six large screens in the room showed the 112th Congrss gaveling into session, the room fell silent. At the first spot of Boehner on the screens, the room clapped to cheer him on.

The House took a vote on the new speakership, and while some Democratic faithful voted for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Boehner still received the majority of the votes from the newly GOP-controlled House.