Steve Hayes on Kerry: A disconnect between words and action in Syria

Steve Hayes said on Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier" on Friday that there's a disconnect between the language Secretary of State John Kerry used to bolster the case for action in Syria -- and the proposed action itself.

"What struck me... is the tension between the case that they are making, the urgency and the strength of the case that they are making for intervention and then what they've already announced that we're going to do," Hayes, senior writer for the Weekly Standard and Fox News contributor, said. "They're making this case that suggests we ought to be entering a real war aimed at changing the regime and changing conditions on the ground. And yet they're talking about... limited strikes and not targeting regime elements."

Hayes also pointed out that Kerry was accurate in saying that the world is watching to see how the United States responds to the use of chemical weapons. He added that the world was also watching during a previously reported chemical attack, and the world has been watching while Syrian President Assad's government killed thousands during the country's civil war killed.