Source: Trump to declare $9 billion in assets during expected presidential announcement

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New York real estate magnate Donald Trump will declare $9 billion in assets during his expected entry into the 2016 presidential race Tuesday, a Republican source told Fox News.

A one-page summary of Trump's net worth, assets and liabilities was expected to be handed out at the event, scheduled for 11 a.m. ET at his namesake Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Trump, 69, is expected to file his disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission within the 30-day deadline after announcing, but he could get an extension that is allowed by law.

The source said Trump is being "modest" in his disclosure, and only detailing his New York holdings, but nothing overseas.

Forbes currently lists Trump's net holdings, at $4.1 billion, just over half the amount of total assets Trump is expected to disclose.

Trump said he will not be releasing his tax returns at his announcement, according to the Washington Post.

The CEO of the Trump Organization said his announcement “means a lot of things to a lot of people.”

“Some people think he's not going to do it. They want me to do it. I do well in the polls, despite the fact that nobody thinks I'm running, which is incredible,” Trump told Fox & Friends Monday.

Trump has routinely cited his achievements in business when discussing a prospective run for the GOP ticket.

"I will tell you, my financials are phenomenal; not in a bragging way," Trump said, according to Newsmax.

He dismissed detractors who have doubted his financial numbers, telling the outlet “actually, my numbers are far, far, far better. I built a great company with very little debt ... I built an unbelievable company.”

Recently, he told the Fox Business Network, “I’ve had great success… I put tremendous amounts of people to work, I’ve negotiated against the best in the world, including countries, and I’ve come out on top.”

“I want to make this country great again,” Trump told Fox’s Greta Van Susteren in May.

Trump previously mulled the idea of running for president in 2012, but ultimately decided against declaring his candidacy, citing his “passion” for business and his desire to continue as host of the TV reality program ‘The Apprentice.’

However, Trump maintained that, had he entered the race, he would have “ultimately… won the general election.”

He is currently polling at 4 percent in the latest Fox News poll.

Fox News' Kathleen Foster contributed to this report.