Sean Parnell, a U.S. Army combat veteran and GOP candidate for Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district, ripped Democrats over their "contempt for middle America," accusing the party of abandoning the families and workers they were supposed to represent in favor of hedge fund managers and celebrities.

"Where Democrats once stood for hard-working, law-abiding Americans who displayed our flag with pride, this New Democrat party considered them uneducated racists, clinging to guns and Bibles," Parnell said during his Monday night speech to the Republican National Convention. "The party of Harry Truman became the party of hedge fund managers, Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls and academia — bloated with contempt for middle America."


Parnell, who's running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Conor Lamb for a suburban House seat that begins six miles outside of Pittsburgh, delivered a personal account of returning home from the combat fields of Afghanistan — wounded after his platoon was attacked and outnumbered ten-to-one — to find the "party of my grandfather, a lifelong union Democrat, turned against the very people it professed to represent."

He pointed to Democratic nominee Joe Biden's response in March when a Michigan autoworker confronted him about his stance on gun control and the Second Amendment. During a heated, profanity-laced exchanged, an autoworker, Jerry Wayne, told the former vice president that he was "actively trying to take away our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns."

"You're full of s--t," Biden responded, saying that he supports the Second Amendment and has owned several shotguns for hunting over the years. "I'm not taking your guns away at all." The feisty exchange, in which Biden also urged Wayne to not be a "horse's a--," quickly went viral.

Parnell recalled watching the incident, describing Biden as "spitting venom" at the automaker who "dared to question...his intent to dismantle the Second Amendment."

Although Biden does support a number of measures to restrict the sale of certain types of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as reducing the stockpiling of weapons, he makes no mention of dismantling the Second Amendment on his campaign site.


"I look across the aisle and I do not see a party that wants you to pursue your dreams," he continued. "I see a Democrat party that wants to dictate what those dreams are. I don’t see a party that wants you to be free. I see a party that wants to chain you to conformity and will destroy anyone they deem a heretic."

Parnell went on to praise President Trump for defending the nation; "unleashing the economic might of this nation," including bolstering working families and bringing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas; and protecting the First and Second Amendments.

"That’s just a start. With four more years, imagine what we can achieve by simply working with our president," he said. "I believe in our president’s vision for the future."