Scott Walker: How I would cut Washington down to size

Scott Walker is running for president hardened by four years of fighting for fiscal pragmatism and public sector reform as governor of Wisconsin. Those bruising battles, and his victories in them, underscore nearly every position he has staked out on the road he hopes will take him to the White House.

He touts legislative accomplishments in a blue state, his defeat of militantly hostile unions, and his reversal of the state's budget deficit. Walker slashed wasteful spending by forming a special commission tasked with rooting out abuse, and forced the state government to publish its expenditures online.

Candidates often talk about waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government. But Walker's promotion of "big, bold reforms" during his gubernatorial tenure suggests that fixing Washington's waste would be high on his presidential agenda, and that he'd tackle it the same way he did in Wisconsin.

Examiner: What do you see as the most wasteful use of taxpayer dollars in the federal government today?