Sanders won't spend time attacking Clinton

Although it appears that his campaign has ramped up its criticism of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, primary candidate Bernie Sanders said that he would not further hammer the former secretary of state on her private email server.

"No Chuck, This is exactly what the media does," Sanders responded when asked if he was planning on continuing to attack Clinton. "My views on Hillary Clinton are exactly the same as what I said in the debate and right after the debate. The American people are sick and tired of seeing on the front pages 'emails.' They want to see a real discussion of real issues."

During the first democratic debate in October Sanders told Clinton that the American public was "sick of hearing about your damn emails!" Since then, Clinton has seen a considerable bump in poll numbers, whereas Sanders has fallen. In recent weeks, Sanders has appeared to backtrack on his debate comment, calling into question Clinton's trustworthiness and drawing contrast between himself and the former secretary of state.

"There is an investigation ongoing, I had nothing to do with it and that's that," Sanders insisted on NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd on Sunday morning. "In terms of disagreeing with Hillary Clinton, yeah, I do. On many, many issues. What I understand politics and elections to be about is to discuss differences of opinion. I intend to do that and do that vigorously. That does not mean that I am making personal attacks against someone I respect."