Sanders: 'Republicans should worry more about their kids'

strong>ROCK HILL, S.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a firm believer in climate change and a firm opponent of campaign finance. On Saturday, he linked the two together as he blasted his Republican opponents.

"I am perhaps the most progressive member of Congress and I often disagree with Republicans," the Vermont senator told a crowd of Democratic women in South Carolina. "But there are a couple of areas where the disagreement almost becomes visceral."

"One of those areas is climate change," he said. "It is disturbing to me to have a major party that has control of the House and Senate and rejects science."

Sanders continued, "And you know what? It has everything to do with campaign finance. If a Republican woke up today and said, 'Look we have a real problem,' you know what would happen? The campaign finance from the fossil fuel industry, oil — it's gone."