Ryan had a 20 percent effective tax rate in 2011

ARLINGTON, Va. -- GOP vice presidential pick Paul Ryan released two years of tax returns late Friday, the same number of returns Mitt Romney has agreed to make public.

In 2011, Ryan and his wife, Janna, paid an effective tax rate of 20 percent, paying $64,764 in federal taxes on $323,416 of adjusted gross income. That was up from the 15.9 percent effective tax rate they paid in 2010, with $34,233 going to federal taxes after reporting $215,417 in adjusted gross income.

In addition to the approximately $153,000 he made each year as a congressman, the House Budget Committee chairman also reported income from capital gains, real estate and other investments. Public financial disclosures show that Ryan’s overall assets are valued between $2 million and $7.7 million dollars.

In June, during the vetting process, Ryan submitted an amendment to his 2011 financial disclosure forms to report a trust, valued between $1 and $5 million dollars, which his wife inherited from her mother in 2010.

Romney’s tax return from 2010 show he paid an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent; the campaign estimates Romney paid a 15.4 percent effective tax rate in 2011 but has yet to release the final return. On Friday, the Obama campaign challenged to the Republican presidential candidate to release five years of tax returns, which was promptly dismissed.

On the website where Ryan's tax returns were posted, the campaign declares, “It's time to focus on the real issues in this campaign – turning around the economy and getting America back to work again.”

See the tax returns by clicking here.