Russia slaps Turkey with sanctions over downed jet

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday his government is working to develop "a system of response measures" to be used as retaliation against Turkey, after Turkish planes shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border this week.

Medvedev says Russia will not pursue military action against Turkey, a NATO member, and instead will impose sanctions against the Turkish economy. According to several reports, Russia is looking to terminate or freeze joint projects with Turkey and has already issued certain restrictions on agricultural and food imports from the country.

"No embargo will be introduced. But at the same time, as the level of danger and various manifestations of extremism is on the rise, additional measures of control will naturally be taken," Dmitry Peskov, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, reportedly told Russian media.

"It is quite natural, especially given the Turkish Republic's unpredictable behavior in this case," he added, referring to Russia's decision to place restrictions on Turkish food imports.