Rubio playing the VP part?

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., may not want to talk about becoming the GOP vice presidential nominee, but he is certainly campaigning like one -- tagging along with Mitt Romney on the campaign trail and taunting President Obama.

He said Monday that if Obama focuses on his current record as president, "he is going to lose and he knows that."

"They don't want it to be about his record. They're going to want it to be about everything else," Rubio said on Fox News' "Hannity" Monday night.

Asked about becoming a possible vice presidential candidate, Rubio clammed up saying he did not want to talk about it because he was trying "to be respectful of their process."

Earlier Monday, Rubio campaigned for Romney in Aston, Pa., by taking questions from the press at a town hall meeting. Romney said he was "delighted" to be joined with Rubio on the campaign trail. In return, Rubio said Romney is going to help America "reclaim and recapture the things that make this nation of ours different from all other countries on the earth."

During the town hall meeting, Rubio also continued to criticize Obama arguing that he is trying to tell "Americans that the reason why they're hurting is that other people are doing too well. That the way they can climb the ladder is to pull other people down. If we do that, we become like every other country in the world."

Rubio also explained his misstatement last week at a Washington D.C. forum where he said, "if I do a good job as vice president ..."

He called that a "slip of the tongue."