Roy Moore’s wife defended her husband at a rally Monday night against the 'fake news' claim that the U.S. Senate candidate was anti-Semitic by pointing out that one of their attorneys “is a Jew.”

Taking the stage at rally in Midland City, Ala., on the eve of election night, Kayla Moore accused “fake news” reports for falsely stating that the couple doesn’t “care for Jews.”

“One of our attorneys is a Jew. We have very close friends who are Jewish and rabbis,” she told the crowd. 

Moore was accused of anti-Semitism after suggesting last week that Democratic donor George Soros, who is Jewish, is going to hell, The Daily Intelligencer reported.

"He's still going to the same place that people who don't recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going," Moore said Tuesday on a local Alabama radio show.

Moore has made controversial comments before about different religions, including saying that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress, The Hill reported.

The Latest Fox News Poll places Democrat Doug Jones 10-points above Moore just one day before Alabama voters head to the voting polls.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.