Rosario Marin: Paul Ryan Offers the Best Hope for the Latino Community

Governor Mitt Romney’s announcement that Congressman Paul Ryan is his choice for Vice President drew an immediate bashing by the liberal left. Is it any wonder? Really, did anyone anticipate that the democrats would have applauded anyone he would have chosen? No, they would have denounced it and pounded on both of them as being out of touch with America’s mainstream. Their reaction was to be expected, that’s just politics.

So, I wasn’t surprised that all left-leaning Latino groups and the Latino media immediately and in unison joined the chorus. Let’s be clear, this would have happened even if Governor Mitt Romney had chosen Senator Marco Rubio.

But the reality is that Congressman Ryan offers the best hope for the Latino community. He is in line with the vast majority of Latinos when it comes to faith; he is Catholic, and his social values reflect the values of the super majority of Latinos, especially when they concern the family.

On the issue of immigration, to the chagrin of many of those who were too quick to vilify him, his record shows that he favors an increased number of work visas; he also has said that immigration needs to be dealt with seriously, not with Band-Aids.

His impeccable credentials in understanding the federal budget, the economy and what the United States stands to lose, unless we rein in our spending, is unrivaled. Neither Obama nor Biden have proven to either have the knowledge or the willingness to deal with those issues, as demonstrated by the catastrophic decisions they have taken, which have worsened the economy since the first day they took charge.

Ryan’s thorough understanding, coupled with his determination to change the way Washington does business, provides a true ray of hope for our economy. There are many frightening signs throughout the world (Greece, Spain, Italy to name a few) of what happens when the federal government spends too much, when federal programs growth is unsustainable.

Latinos do not come to this country to be on welfare, get into unemployment lines or get any other social services, and yet this is what the left has offered them. In the process they have created in the minds of many, including some in the Latino community, a sense of dependency and entitlement that was unknown to them before they came to the US. And the democrats will use the potential reforms of these services to frighten them, knowing full well that the country cannot continue its present spending addiction.

Latinos want a job, they want an opportunity to create and/or expand their businesses. They come to contribute and they understand that when the economy flourishes, so do they. Ryan will work to create and provide that economic opportunity. He is what America needs. He is what Latinos need.