Romney's Wife is Ready for Her Man to Run in 2012

It's a well known fact out on the campaign trail that in order for a candidate to make a serious run for higher office, especially the presidency, his family must be on board.

We now know Mitt Romney won't be able to use his wife as an excuse if he decides not to run for president in 2012.

Anne Romney introduced her husband at CPAC Friday with an endorsement that was anything but coy.

"I know Mitt as a person, a very good person," said Anne. "I have also seen him as a leader. And I, for one, would like to see him lead the country as president of the United States."

The former Massachusetts governor gave a speech heavy on substance, but he also talked briefly about 2012.

"I have not decided to run, but if I do it won't take me two years to wake up to the job crisis threatening America," said Romney. "And I won't be asking Tim Geithner how the economy works or Larry Summers how to start a business... I know!"

We caught up with Mitt afterwards and asked him about his wife's remarks.

"She speaks for herself," he said.

When asked how he could argue with his wife, Romney replied, "It happens all the time."