Romney’s Son Hopes to Show Voters the “Real Mitt”

GOP hopeful Mitt Romney has been criticized for not connecting with everyday folks. But his son Josh, a father of three himself, wants America to know his father Mitt  is both “passionate and compassionate.”

Josh, one of Mitt’s five sons, has been on the road campaigning for his father in recent weeks. He’s covered most of the western United States, most recently focusing on Washington State, ahead of Saturday’s caucuses.

Josh says “It’s a lot of fun to be out and talk about my Dad and try and help voters to get a different side of him, who he is as a dad and a family man, to really see the real Mitt Romney.”

This isn’t the first time Josh has helped his dad to run for the oval office. He confessed his family has learned a few lessons since his father’s 2008 campaign.

“We have been through this once before. You know that you are going to get attacked from all sides. So, I have gotten a lot better at tuning it out and not paying much attention to it. I know who my Dad is. He knows who he is and that is what really matters at the end of the day.”

Josh added that the most important thing to his father is his family. But he believes it’s his father’s experience in the private sector that truly validates his run.

“To run the Olympics, running the state of Massachusetts-- that experience for my Dad is what makes him uniquely qualified to be the next president of the United States.”