Romney sees opening in Wisconsin

For Mitt Romney, good news came Friday with word that President Obama had added a stop to his travel schedule next week. For the first time this election season, Obama will campaign in Wisconsin, a confirmation that the traditionally Democratic state is now in play.

Romney could use more such tactical victories. A series of polls in recent weeks has shown that he is not solidifying support in many of the states he needs to win, leaving him a narrow path to a majority in the Electoral College.

Of nine states that have swung between the parties in recent elections, the Republican presidential nominee holds a clear lead only in one, North Carolina. He trials in the two largest swing states – Florida and Ohio – as well as Virginia, new Wall Street Journal /NBC News/ Marist Poll surveys released Thursday found.

In the face of the recent polling, the Romney campaign is putting forward this strategy: It is returning it focus to the economy, adding money to its ad buys in several battle ground states and eying a breakthrough moment at the debates with Obama next month.

And while Obama leads in many polls, the Romney team is focusing on the mark the president is not hitting: He’s just at 50 percent support in many states or slightly below it.

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