Romney Delivers Closing Arguments

Just two weeks out from the Iowa Caucuses, Mitt Romney sharpened his attacks on President Obama and laid out his vision for the country's future in what his campaign is calling the beginning of his closing arguments to voters.

Taking a page out of Mr Obama's playbook, the campaign provided him with a teleprompter in what could be interpreted as an effort to make Mr Romney appear more Presidential.

Speaking before a crowd of more than 150 people in Bedford, NH, the former Massachusetts governor accused the President of turning the country into an "entitlement society," re-distributing what is earned by some, to all.

"The truth is that everyone may get the same rewards, but virtually everyone will be worse off... And the only people who truly enjoy any real rewards are those who do the re-distributing-the government," said Romney.

He even invoked the name of former President John F. Kennedy, a sacred figure in New England politics, saying the President had turned Kennedy's famous call for sacrifice on its head. "He would have Americans ask, ‘what can the country do for you?'"

When not criticizing the President, Mr Romney stayed positive, promising a new day was coming.

"We are Americans. And we will not surrender our dreams to the failures of this President. We are bigger than the misguided policies and weak leadership of one man."

Romney pledged to restore the country to its "founding principles", and asked voters to put their confidence in him to return America to its former glory.

"This is the moment when we reject failure and commit to make the disappointments of the past few years only a detour, not a destiny. We believe America can do better, because we believe in America."