Romney camp says report on Christie fearing GOP loss, ducking ticket 'totally untrue'

The Romney campaign on Monday denied a new report that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie didn't want to leave his current post to run on Mitt Romney's ticket because he was concerned they'd lose.

The New York Post reported Monday that Romney aides, in courting Christie to be Romney's running mate, told him he'd have to step down to avoid ethics problems -- namely, so that banks that do business with New Jersey could donate to the campaign. The Post said Christie did not want to step down, doubting the Romney team could win.

But Romney campaign strategist Russ Schriefer told Fox News that he personally spoke with Christie, who called the story "totally untrue."

Christie is set to be Romney's keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. With the start day pushed back due to Tropical Storm Isaac, Christie will speak on the night of the de facto opening day on Tuesday.

According to the Post, the Romney campaign wanted Christie to leave Trenton because of two SEC rules that bar big banks from donating to a governor running for national office.

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