Robert Gibbs and His Twitterverse...

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently entered the Tweeting world when he launched his @PressSec handle on Twitter. But does he do the tweeting himself? Or is that reserved for his staff? Here's what he said in today's White House Briefing on the matter, followed by a few of the Press Secretary's recent Tweets...

Q You're on Twitter now. Are you sending out all these tweets yourself?

MR. GIBBS: Inexplicably, yes. Bill probably has some matter of Twitter up now. I sat in that chair when the President was in here, admittedly hadn't spent a lot of time using that tool -- I was fascinated to watch it. It seemed, as I've said to some of you, an avenue that our voice would be important in. It's been fascinating to watch just over the few days since I've joined it. I have enjoyed watching you all comment on women's figure skating and ski jumping and all manner of -- (laughter) --I think it's also very interesting -- look, there's a tremendous amount of information that we all get and have to read and go through each day. This is certainly one way to get, on a rolling basis, to see a lot of that information in front of you. It's an interesting thing to watch.

Q How do you think 140-character or even 140, even, word limit on the discourse in this room would work? (Laughter.) To each question and answer.

MR. GIBBS: I can't speak for you, but I would say this: I do not know yet if I have tried to type one of those out where the number right next to the box didn't say "negative" something, and then I'm trying to figure out how to shorten -- there's a whole language, obviously, and typing with numbers and symbols that has evaded me. I'm sure my son could teach me that far better than I could pick it up.

Q That's what he meant when he asked if you were sending out these -- (laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: I have been. It's an interesting thing.

Some recent Robert Gibbs Tweets:

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