Rob Ford gets physical

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is not one to pull his punches – and this time he landed one on a female City Councilor.

It happened on live TV as the Council voted to strip him of his powers prompting one Canadian anchors to exclaim: “Oh my God! He’s attacked somebody.”

The melee turned out to be him accidentally falling on top of the poor woman while rushing to help his brother.

Every day it’s something new with this guy. His outlandish quotes have been splashed on front pages everywhere. First he was smoking crack when he was drunk. Then he was threatening to kill someone. And in a live broadcast, he talked in sexually explicit terms about a woman he says was never his escort. But, it gets better. In a Fox News interview, he laid out his aspirations.

Prime Minister??!

Canada’s Don Quixote continues to chase windmills and remains defiant saying, “They can’t stop me from showing up to Council, debating every issue.” Or apparently, knocking down anyone who gets in his way.

Possibly my favorite quote of the Fox interview came when Ford was ranting about all of the good he has done for the city - balancing the budget, fighting for the little guy, etc.

He said, “I would like to see someone walk a mile in my shoes for five minutes.”

I somehow doubt anyone would want to walk a five-minute mile, let alone in Rob Ford’s shoes. Unless, of course, it would get them a spot on “Ford Nation,” his new TV show on Sun News Network, which debuted last night.

A new Twitter account, RobFordYOLO – which strands for You Only Live Once ­ ­- sums it up to its 3,000 plus followers:


The White House is fervently trying to change the narrative away from negative ObamaCare stories.

(Good luck with that, BTW.)

David Plouffe, who is Obama's former campaign manager, leads the charge with a happy-days-are-here-again economic analysis.

He’s right – the market is way up. But, journos have decided the story is Obamacare, and they’re unlikely to change their narrative that easily.


Tweet leadership has to start at the top. Obama’s campaign PAC, turned grassroots action team, rallied its social media base of 40 million-plus to discuss “what’s next in the fight for change.”

Organizing for Action arranged a call allowing anyone to join – for a donation of more than $3 - and made sure its followers knew about it with a different call-to-action tweet every hour yesterday afternoon.

On top of those two strategies, even the president (or his designated tweeter) is spinning hard to generate interest for positive ObamaCare stories reported in the media.

The L.A. Times must be happy at getting such link love from the Obama team.


The numbers are in from Gallup. Republicans still don't like ObamaCare. Actually, they don't even like the goal of ObamaCare.

Carroll Doherty is the associate director of the Pew Research Center.

As for all adults, 56 percent now say it’s not the government’s job to make sure everyone has health care coverage. Before 2009, Gallup reports, a clear majority of Americans consistently said the government should ensure such coverage.


George Zimmerman, arrested, tried and acquitted earlier this year in the high-profile, racially charged murder of teenager Trayvon Martin, has been arrested again.

Police say he has been charged with a felony for pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. He also was charged with two misdemeanors: criminal mischief and domestic violence battery for pushing her out a door and breaking a table.

It’s not his first brush with the law since he beat the charges in the Trayvon case.. He’s had two speeding tickets and an alleged domestic dispute with his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman.

The Twitter chorus began wagging its collective finger as soon as the news broke:

It’s not looking good. He’s being held without bail and will appear in front of a judge Tuesday afternoon.


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