Republican Jewish Coalition Denounces Axelrod for "Nazi Imagery"

The Republican Jewish Coalition is calling on President Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod to apologize for "his offensive language."

This stems from comments Axelrod made via twitter Monday morning about the upcoming Illinois Republican presidential primary election.

The tweet starts off as straight forward political handicapping "With a 7-to-1 spending edge, hard to see Mitt not rolling in IL tomorrow. You can't turn on the TV without seeing 2 or 3 neg ads on Santo." The second sentence is what the RJC calls Holocaust and Nazi imagery. "The Mittzkrieg in Illinois isn't terribly inspiring, so turnout may lag. But the sheer volume probably has been grindingly effective."

"At a time when there is so much talk about the need for civility in political discourse, it is disturbing to see President Obama's top campaign advisor casually throw Nazi imagery around in reference to a Republican candidate for President," read a statement from the RJC released on Monday. "Holocaust and Nazi imagery are always inappropriate in the political arena. Axelrod should apologize for his offensive language."

Blitzkrieg means "lightning war." It was a military tactic based on speed and surprise and was first used by the Germans in World War Two.