Reporter's Notebook: The Daily Briefing

The headlines from the daily briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:

-  The President is still working on the State of the Union address.  Gibbs wouldn't say whether 'don't ask don't tell' will be mentioned in the speech.

-What the President will discuss more than anything is the economy, notes Gibbs.

- "If Congress can put the coalition together on the way forward," then the White House will pursue immigration reform, says Gibbs.

- Gibbs admits that the President's proposed spending freeze is "not intended to solve all of our problems."

- On spending freeze, reporter asks 'why start small?'  Gibbs says the point is to get Republicans on board.    "Given reaction, I don't know how easy it will be."

- Gibbs says he hasn't seen the letter from a group of Senators asking that the 9/11 conspirators NOT be tried in NYC.

- Also in the SOU:  "He'll take time to discuss important efforts we've made in counterterrorism."

- No daily briefing Wednesday since it is State of the Union Day.