Report: Obama Angered by Reporters During Halloween Outing With Daughter

Taking a break from the campaign trail for a few hours, Barack Obama showed a rare display of annoyance when reporters barraged him and his daughter on their way to a Halloween party, Reuters reported.

While walking through his Chicago neighborhood with seven-year-old daughter Sasha -- who was dressed as a corpse's bride -- Obama showed a visible frustration when reporters and photographers scrambled to obtain a picture of him, Reuters said.

"That's enough. You've got a shot. Leave us alone," Reuters quoted Obama as telling reporters.

He later pleaded with reporters -- many of whom had accompanied him from the airport to his Hyde Park home -- to get back on the bus, Reuters said.

Fearing a disruption in the neighborhood, the Obama family did not trick or treat. Instead, they attended a party at a friends home, Reuters reported.

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