Report: Jeb Bush breaks with GOP on Syrian refugees

Jeb Bush disagrees with his fellow GOP presidential candidates who argue that banning Syrian refugees is the best path forward to protect U.S. national security interests.

While governors urge President Obama and Congress to refuse refugee resettlement in their home states amid national security concerns, Bush appeared to distance himself from his own party.

"The answer to this though is not to ban people from coming," Bush told Bloomberg. "The answer is to lead to resolve the problem in Syria. That's the ultimate answer. That's my focus."

Bush said he understood people's fears about the Obama administration's ability to effectively screen such refugees.

"I think people are legitimately concerned about the legitimacy, the competency of the Obama administration as it relates to screening processes but we have systems in place," Bush said. "We should, if there's any kind of concern, we shouldn't allow people in, but I don't think we should eliminate our support for refugees; it's been a noble tradition in our country."