Rep warns Obama's Iran policy could lead to 'shadow of nuclear terrorism'

A member of the House Armed Services Committee slammed President Obama's handling of Iran, saying his policies could lead to an era of nuclear terrorism.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., sat down with Fox News contributor Mallory Factor on Monday to discuss foreign policy.

"I don't try to examine the president's motivations, but I am here to tell you that if his policies prevail here, my children and yours could very easily walk in the shadow of nuclear terrorism in this world. And that is something I just feel like somehow we have to do everything possible now to make sure that doesn’t happen," Franks said.

Franks further criticized Obama for refusing to support a bill which would lock in new sanctions if Iran fails to live up to its end of the interim nuclear deal.

"We've sanctioned North Korea, for example, into starvation for nearly half a century and they've tested three times," Franks said. "I think it's outrageous that the president has backed off on those sanctions."

Franks said allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons or to develop uranium enrichment would be devastating. "We'll need a new calendar if Iran gets nuclear weapons. It will change the geo-political equation that much," Franks said.

Though an interim deal with Iran to curb its uranium enrichment program is currently in place, Franks cited only two ways to keep Iran from ever obtaining nuclear weapons. "I think only two things ultimately [stop] Iran from gaining that capability -- that is either a direct military intervention, or the conviction in their minds that that absolutely will occur if they continue to pursue a nuclear weapons capability," Franks said.

The administration argues that the six-month interim deal makes historic progress in reining in Iran's nuclear program. Further, the administration claims that if Iran violates the agreement, new sanctions could easily be implemented.