Rep. Ron Paul on Getting Booed at CPAC, Intentions for 2012

by Ryan Kerr & Kimberly Schwandt

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, talked about his recent straw poll victory at CPAC and if he has any plans on running for president in 2012 during an interview on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning.

When asked what he thought of the responses to his win, which consisted of predominantly of boos and not cheers, Paul quipped, “but it sounded to me like maybe…they were sore losers or something maybe they couldn't take it very well.”

“When you only get 32% out of a 100 that means there's people in opposition, but the truth is, you know, the votes were there, so they have to accept it.”

He also talked about any possible intentions to run for president in 2012. “I have no plans to do that, that's a long way off, and it's not very practical to do it, ”Paul said. “But I haven’t absolutely said no I will not, but right now have no plans to do it,” he added.