RAW DATA: Office of Military Commissions Email

The following is the text of a Feb. 25, 2011, email from the Office of Military Commissions regarding defense accommodation in the trial of 9/11 attack suspects:

From: Chapman, Michael Mr, OSD OMC Convening Authority
To: Colwell, Jeffrey Col OSD OMC Defense;
cc: Broyles, Bryan Mr OSD OMC Defense;
RE: Travel Issues
Date: Friday, February 25, 2011 4:48:43 PM
Jeff, until the Attorney General says otherwise, any prosecution of the 9/11 detainees will be in federal court. That said, the Convening Authority will not approve, at this time, any travel requests from counsel to investigate or prepare for those cases, or any other cases, earmarked by the Attorney General for prosecution in federal court. Such requests should be put on hold and resubmitted when, and if, the Attorney General changes his forum decision. The policy in all other cases remains unchanged. Mike"