Rangel: “Jesus Would Have Something to Say” About the Debt Debate

Congressman Charles Rangel , D-NY, doesn't know exactly what Jesus would say about the debt crisis, but he thinks religious leaders should be a part of the conversation.

"It is a moral question. So I am surprised that we don't hear from the rabbis and the priests and the ministers and the imams. This is their business, not just politicians'," he told Fox News on Sunday.

Two days earlier, Congressman Rangel held a news conference where he asked "What would Jesus do" about the debt problem He called on religious leaders to speak up on the Medicare and Social Security cuts Republicans want to make, which would hit the elderly and the poor the hardest.

Rangel insists, "If the sky, the economic sky was to fall the very rich in this country would not feel any pain at all."

But when pressed on exactly what that higher power would say about America's money problems, he replied "I don't know what Jesus or Moses or anyone would say. But, the issues are so morally clear...we are our brothers keepers."

Rangel summed up his argument by saying, "You know all of this is biblical... If you read your bibles and you read the spiritual scriptures you will see that clearly that Jesus would have something to say about this debate."