Quiet Protests at Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama's Nuclear Security Summit in Washington this week doesn't seem to be drawing the same intense protests that meetings of the World Bank or G8 can garner... at least, not yet.

Today's summit meetings take place in the midst of relatively placid streets; lacking the crush of traffic the city was forewarned about. Also lacking are the vocal, boisterous protests that often accompany such international gatherings. Along one route to the Washington Convention Center from a nearby metro station, only the following minor protest quietly proceeded...

When the president's motorcade traveled to and from the convention center throughout the day, the press traveling with him only noted a smattering of protestors who were also protesting China's policies. In that case, they were supporters of a free and independent Tibet. So far, though, there have been no reports of violence or clashes.

On any given day, one can find protestors of all colors and grievances picketing outside the White House. International summits usually draw a ratcheted up version of such gatherings. This summit, it seems, may be breaking the mold.