Press takes Planned Parenthood's word videos were 'edited'

More than a dozen reporters who have covered the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue scandal have declined to say whether they've ever watched all of the undercover footage released by the activist group responsible for bringing the controversy to light.

The Center for Medical Progress released 10 short videos this year showing Planned Parenthood affiliates discussing reimbursement for procuring organs salvaged from the remains of aborted children. The tapes come after a nearly three-year-long undercover operation organized by the group's founder, David Daleiden. CMP has also released more than 10 hours of uncut footage, as well as audio transcripts and several lengthy mini-documentaries.

Planned Parenthood maintains that the tapes have been deceptively edited so as to give the impression that it is engaged in unethical and likely illegal behavior. Some reporters have responded to the scandal by giving Planned Parenthood a platform to accuse CMP of spreading falsehoods, while others have reported that the videos are intentionally misleading.

"Planned Parenthood … says that the videos were deceptively and misleading edited," read a New York Times report authored by Jackie Calmes.