During a meeting with President Bill Clinton in late December 2000, President-elect George W. Bush met with then-Vice President and defeated opponent Al Gore as part of the transition of power.

President-elect Bill Clinton met with defeated opponent Sen. Bob Dole in December 1996.

President George H.W Bush met with President-elect Clinton in mid-November 1992.

President-elect George H.W. Bush met with defeated opponent Michael Dukakis in December 1988.

President Jimmy Carter hosted President-elect Ronald Reagan met with in the Oval Office to talk transition on Nov. 20, 1980.

President-elect Carter and President Gerald Ford met in November 1976.

President-elect John Kennedy met with vanquished rival Richard Nixon on Nov. 14, 1960.

President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Herbert Hoover met several times during the transition, but "they danced around each other and were never really able to cooperate," according to Donald Ritchie, author of "Electing FDR."