President Plans Trip to Other States Affected by Oil Spill

After canceling a trip to Indonesia and Australia left a week long hole in his June schedule, the President is planning an overnight trip on June 14-15th to Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to see firsthand how these Gulf states are handling the oil spill.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters the foreign trip cancellation was directly due to what is happening in the Gulf.  "The President made a decision that with all that's going on, particularly with our response right now, it would be difficult to go," Gibbs said on Friday, June 4th as the President made his third trip to Louisiana to deal with the effects of the BP oil spill caused when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank 5,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean, causing millions of gallons of oil to spew into gulf waters.   The Obama administration has been battling negative reviews as local officials and townspeople say federal help was late in fixing damage being done both economically and environmentally in the Gulf region.  This will be the first time President Obama will travel to other states affected by the spill.