President Obama's Plans for Christmas Vacation: Novels, State of the Union, Friends & Family

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- President Obama is expected to be in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year's and the White House says he plans on reading some novels, likely working on his State of the Union speech and spending time with family and old friends.

Presidents are never really off the job so he'll of course be receiving daily security briefings. Last year his trip was interrupted by the attempted Christmas Day bomber and much of his attention turned to national security.

And while he will be doing some work White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the president does hope to focus on spending time with loved ones. "I think he is, as much as anything, anxious to spend time where he grew up with his family and to see -- to see his sister, to see his...nieces."

There are many childhood friends, family and close Obama confidants who are expected to be with the first family.

The president has spent the last few Christmases in Hawaii, renting out a private property along the Kailua beach.

First lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia are already on the island. The president was supposed to travel with them, but delayed his trip due to the action on Capitol Hill.

Gibbs didn't explicitly say if Obama would be hitting the links too, but it's pretty likely. The president is an avid golfer, and its not unusual for him to play on the weekends while in D.C.

There haven't been many sightings of the first lady and daughters yet, except for a report that they went shopping earlier in the week.