President Obama Heads to Ohio on a Mission

President Obama heads to the Cleveland suburb of Strongsville, Ohio today with a mission; not to let others endure the hardship that Natoma Canfield has had to endure.

You may remember, Canfield was the woman who wrote a letter to President Obama about her struggle to stay ahead of her rising insurance premiums, despite being cancer-free for many years.

Canfield was surprised to learn President Obama read her letter aloud in a meeting to insurance company executives as an example of the need to reform the health insurance system and has vowed to keep using her experience as an example.

Recently, Canfield's health took a turn for the worse, something that the public found out about when the President unexpectedly announced it last week in St. Louis, "There's a woman named Natoma Canfield. She's got cancer, in Ohio. Had to drop her insurance even though it may cost her house. The other day she suddenly fell ill; she's in the hospital right now," Mr. Obama said at a fundraiser.

"We're all praying for her, but lying in a hospital bed, worrying about how you're going to pay for your bills -- that's hard. I know. My mother went through that."

Canfield remains in the hospital today. A White House official tells Fox, "sadly she's back in the hospital and has been diagnosed with leukemia".

Although the President will be near Canfield's home town of Medina, it is her sister, Connie Anderson, who will introduce the President.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweets today that Canfield's story "shouldn't happen in the US."

Watch Fox News Channel all day for live coverage from Ohio and the White House. Also, watch President Obama's remarks here live at 1:05p [foxlivestream]